Beef Stroganoff

This is American-style stroganoff.



  1. Dice an onion.
  2. Cut beef into bite-size strips. Ground beef can also be used (although not traditional), if beef is compacted into strips of similar size.
  3. Season the beef with kosher salt, freshly-ground pepper, or any other desired seasoning.
  4. Heat a skillet on high with butter or olive oil. Cook the onions until about translucent.
  5. Begin adding the beef strips and let them cook, stirring to prevent sticking or unequal cooking.
  6. Meanwhile, heat up a pot of highly salted water until it boils. Then add the egg noodles. Do not cook for too long as egg noodles might begin disintegrating when overcooked.
  7. Once beef is cooked, pour off the liquid produced from the meat.
  8. Add the chicken stock to the pan and continue cooking.
  9. Make roux (by mixing a small amount of flour with either water or melted butter). Mix this into the beef and stock as it cooks to thicken it to the desired consistency.
  10. Add Worchestershire sauce and the dijon mustard to taste.
  11. Serve on a plate with a scoop of egg noodles covered with the beef sauce.